Covid Update 

On Monday 19th July England moved to the final stage of easing Covid restrictions. 

As the restrictions have been lifted I would like to share with you the changes we have made to still ensure everyone's safety.

It would be most appreciated if clients would please respect our decision to these changes.

  • We have decided to keep the intercom system in place. Upon arrival press the intercom and a therapist will let you into the salon as soon as possible.
  • QR codes will still be placed around the salon if clients wish to scan it with their NHS Covid app. We will no longer be asking you to sign our Test and Trace form as it is no longer a legal requirement.
  • Hand sanitiser will still be available for clients to use within the salon. We would appreciate it if clients would still apply hand sanitiser when entering the salon.
  • All our therapists will continue to wear face masks for close contact treatment. Please don't hesitate to ask if you would prefer your therapist to wear a mask for your entire treatment.
  • Wearing a mask is no longer a legal requirement so it is now a clients personal choice.
  • Frequent cleaning in the salon including making sure that common surfaces, toilets, door handles etc. are wiped clean using disinfectant products between each client will continue. We will make sure there is adequate ventilation within the salon. Windows will be either open or on vent to allow the natural flow of air through the salon.

All of these changes have been implemented for your safety and ours. We will continue to take advice from the Government and the NHS regarding safe practice and will amend them as necessary.

Thank you for your understanding.

Tracey Middleton

Date: Updated 09/09/2021